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Channel Reseller News Article

Q&A with Apex Evolution Managing Director Adam Brodie

Karl Neary

May 3, 2022

Questions and Answers

Tell us a bit about Apex Evolution

I’ve worked in the technology aftermarket for over 20 years. The reason for creating Apex was to combine best-in-practice concepts to build a true force within our marketplace, delivering products of the highest quality and service to the highest standard.

We are very people focussed, both internally and externally. It’s the strength of our networks and relationships that makes us who we are.

We provide end to end service solutions around the IT product’s lifecycle that maximise value and minimise environmental impact.

Can you talk us through your growth journey up until now?

I’d like to say the last 3 years were written on a business plan somewhere, but the truth is there  have been a rollercoaster of changes within our market that we have sought to capitalise on.

Initially in 2019 one of the larger companies in this space pulled the plug on  its global operations, this gave us an opportunity to step in and take up some market share very fast. In late 2019/early 2020 we had developed our PC &  laptop refurbishment process with a view to offering a quality of product not typically available. With the onset of Covid in 2020 the demand for refurbished laptops and home working devices was turbo charged. As such we were fortunate enough to keep the doors open during lockdown and focus on supplying (the public sector in particular) thousands of devices throughout the pandemic. As a result of this fast scaling, we took on a second premises that was 3 times the size of our original footprint.

In 2021 we found that as businesses started to open up again the requirements of our customers had also evolved. As a result, the managed services side of the business is growing exponentially. On-site service provision was initially a UK centric offering whereas now that is expanding into Europe and beyond.

What do you consider to be your main USPs to partners and customers?

Agility, scale, adaptability, attitude, culture  and people. It is our approach to engaging with people that we are most proud of, it’s also the reason for such a high percentage of repeat engagements.

How do you currently work with partners in the UK, and what are your plans to increase your channel footprint over the next 12 months?

We designed our service offerings to be modular so we can fit into a Channel Partner’s current portfolio or offer a new service for partners to add to their existing one.

We have invested circa £1 million into creating a secure, multi-use and reconfigurable 960 bay configuration centre and our  data centre with hosted racking spaced served by dedicated lines makes Apex a great choice if you are looking for new go to market solutions.

We are lucky enough to be engaged with a number of the industry’s leading Resellers and will focus more on enhancing the service offerings over the next 12 months

What’s the greatest opportunity – and challenge – facing your business over the next 12 months?

We see the greatest opportunity in replicating our model into different geographies. This is because Apex was built and is run on a culture that  sees the opportunity and works with our partners to deliver a solution. We believe that by training new staff with this culture, it will allow us to create a workforce that delivers in a consistent manner regardless of borders or geographies.

In terms of challenges, Brexit certainly hasn’t made things easy. However, like a lot of our partners and peers alike, where there is change there is an opportunity to innovate so we will overcome challenges as and when they arise.

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