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Making tech more human

Meet the team

We’re known for our human approach to the technology industry, so our people are key to our success.

Who we are

Everyone at Apex Evolution is driven by a need to change how people view technology recycling and renewal.

Our team is made up of the most dedicated, enthusiastic engineers and consultants who combine close attention to detail with holistic thinking.

Our culture

We’re really proud of our culture; we create a great working environment for smart, confident and characterful people. We take our work seriously, but we also love having fun.

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Our team

Head of Services

Karl Neary

Tel - +44(0)7435 332232 +44(0)7435 332232

Business Development Manager

Christopher Douglas

Tel - +44(0)7901 504304 +44(0)7901 504304

Senior Account Manager

Joe Everaert

Tel - +44(0)7414 656230 +44(0)7414 656230

Operations Team Leader

Anastasia Hatzara

Tel - +44(0)1206 823409 +44(0)1206 823409

Technical Development Lead

John Piangos

Tel - +44(0)1206 823409 +44(0)1206 823409

Operations Manager

Andy Bywater-Read

Tel - +44(0)1206 823409 +44(0)1206 823409

Business Development Manager

Estefania Mills

Tel - +44(0)7716 638616 +44(0)7716 638616


Adam Brodie

Tel - +44(0)1206 823409 +44(0)1206 823409

Product Specialist

Graeme McManus

Tel - +44(0)1206 823409 +44(0)1206 823409

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If you think you’d be a great fit at Apex Evolution, drop us an email to learn more about our current opportunities.

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