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We’re taking technology further

Our Mission

It’s time to hit refresh on the technology aftermarket, transforming how we use and reuse equipment for the better.

Sustainable technology

According to the UN, we’ll have around 50 million tonnes of e-waste on our planet by 2050, only 20% of which is recycled.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way.

At Apex Evolution, our mission is to extend the value and lifecycle of technology, reducing the amount of e-waste in landfills around the world. Not only that, but we’re giving businesses the quality, affordable equipment they deserve.

We’re a true force for change in the tech industry, setting a new standard for the way equipment is used and viewed.

Our services

On-site engineering services

Let us take the hassle of manual processes away from your in-house IT teams

Our dedicated team of engineers will decommission your redundant equipment at the same time as installing new hardware to minimise any downtime at the same time providing a seamless end user experience

On-site Engineering Services

IT asset disposal

Fully secure service for all your IT Disposal requirements

Redundant technology requires specific toolsets and systems to securely wipe the data residing on the storage media. Our secure, sustainable focused service removes your data safely with both offsite and onsite options.

IT Asset Disposal

Asset remarketing

Maximise the return on your redundant IT assets

Our Asset remarketing division provide leading residuals on overstocked or end of life redundant IT equipment.

Asset remarketing

Tech 2.0

Get quality, customizable tech

Innovative tech for a fraction of the cost? We’ve got you covered, with refurbished equipment across all the leading vendors.

Tech 2.0

Configuration services

Managed and Hosted IT configuration and deployment services

We offer a full range of configuration and deployment options to suit your IT requirements.
All services are delivered from our Head Quarters in Essex our dedicated configuration team.

Configuration Services

How we help

We’re constantly raising the bar with our recycling and renewal services.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution covers everything from picking up your used equipment to recycling, renewing and reselling. Everything we do is fueled by the highest levels of quality and support.

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Who we are

We make tech feel a little more human.

Through an ethical, transparent approach, our dedicated engineers will work with you, providing a service you can genuinely rely on.

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Want to keep an eye on the industry? We've got all the latest news, trends, and some fresh perspectives.

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Q&A with Apex Evolution Managing Director Adam Brodie

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Sustainability is a buzzword in the IT Lifecycle Services industry, but at Apex Evolution we’re not entirely sure if that much of the industry fully appreciate what it means

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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is perhaps the most topical word in the IT world today, but its definition isn’t as narrow as people may think. Whilst environmental sustainability may be directly applicable to an IT product there are multiple areas to consider when looking as sustainability in a broader context.

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Refurbished Enterprise Devices in the Post-Coronavirus Commercial Landscape

Pre-Covid, refurbished IT devices were controversial. Progressives saw them as a way to economize and reduce environmental footprint – conservatives saw these benefits as creating costs elsewhere.

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